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Our future starts NOW, let’s build it TOGETHER!

GVCO has been serving the Great Valley region since 2001 while the population of the area has more than doubled. As our community has expanded, so has the demand for a variety of arts, recreational, and educational programs that serve all ages in our area. This increased demand has evolved into an exciting vision of what the future holds for GVCO, if we work together.

What people are saying about GVCO…

“GVCO does a nice job putting the right people in the right places. It has such a great community vibe. We look forward to spending more time at the new facility.

“People who are a part of GVCO are amazing. I can’t wait to see what the future holds!

“Space has always been an issue for GVCO. I think it’s fantastic that they are expanding.

“I am ecstatic that this is finally happening in our community!

“This organization brings the whole community together. Kids from all local elementary schools get to know each other.

“GVCO is a great place for our kids. It’s an amazing community! We made most of our friends here and are excited to see it grow.

“GVCO is an important part of our lives…it has been a game-changer for us!

Imagine what we can accomplish together…

We can build a safe, convenient, attractive facility…

  • outside amphitheater and convenient to the Chester Valley Trail
  • central location and easy access with generous parking
  • café, lounge, multipurpose and meeting room areas
  • outdoor practice fields to accommodate a variety of sports and activities

foster a friendly vibrant community…

  • a welcoming place for people of all ages to interact
  • families who share your interests
  • a supportive network of friends and neighbors
  • internship opportunities to engage young adults at the high school and college level
  • impactful education and awareness programs

and offer a variety of healthy, fulfilling activities for all ages.

  • quality and inclusive youth sports
  • fitness, wellness and healthy lifestyle programs
  • community service volunteer opportunities
  • performing arts classes and activities
  • tutoring and mentoring programs
  • lifelong learning activities for seniors

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