How does GVCO function differently from other community centers in the area?

GVCO is unique in this area. No other non-profit center provides a variety of high- level recreational sports run by volunteers and parent coaches, creating a tight-knit supportive community. No other center seeks to connect people of all ages and abilities through mentoring, programming and fitness all under one roof.  GVCO serves the people of the Great Valley in a focused goal to unite our community by turning neighbors into friends.

What impact has area growth had on the GVCO programs?

Between 1990 and 2010, the population in the Great Valley area has more than doubled. Presently, GVCO is limited in our ability to grow our programs beyond current enrollment. Based on our existing location and the lack of available, adequately sized rental space, we cannot expand our programming content.

What is GVCO’s solution to accommodate the rapid growth in the area?

GVCO’s vision is to work with the community to build a dynamic and accessible community center capable of responding to the growing needs of the area. We will provide a diverse array of programs geared towards children, adults and seniors within the community and the surrounding area.

How will the community benefit from a new GVCO Center?

The new center will support the growing community by providing ample space where the entire family can come for fitness, recreation and enrichment. A full-sized community center will allow GVCO to continue to grow its programming to meet the needs of current and future generations. With your help, we can make Great Valley a healthier, safer, more connected and active place to live and grow.

Where will the new GVCO center be located?

The new GVCO center will be centrally located in the district on North Bacton Hill Road, adjacent to the current GVCO/GVBL location.  Our property is conveniently located near the proposed Swanenburg Park, the Chester Valley Trail and the East Whiteland Township trail system, as proposed by the townships’ comprehensive plan.

Who is the target market?

With space for indoor and outdoor athletics, meetings, performances, fitness, awareness programming and gatherings, the community center will appeal to and serve the entire Great Valley region.  In particular, the new GVCO Center will attract all ages who are interested in overall health, fitness and wellness.

Who is leading the GVCO Building Connections Campaign?

GVCO is directed by a board of highly qualified individuals who have invested countless hours directing the thoughtful growth of the organization. A campaign committee meets weekly to help steer the campaign. In addition, we have several well-respected professionals and business owners who have joined our team.  Substantial and professional due diligence has been completed to ensure that GVCO is not only headed down the right path and but also succeed well into the future.  During this process, GVCO has partnered with Bill Bennington, LLC, East Whiteland Township, Great Valley School District, IMC Construction, Just in Time! Communications, JMR Engineering, Lynn Cummings Development Corp., MacElree Harvey, Resolution Accounting, Schultz & Williams Consulting and Visual Technology.

What is the scope of the project?

Current plans include a two-phase approach to accomplish our goal of creating a state-of-the-art community center. For this campaign, we are focusing our efforts on Phase I. Phase I includes the land purchase and the construction of a 40,000+ sq. ft. building. The new facility will include: court space, mezzanine level viewing, elevated walking track, fitness center, café area, meeting rooms, multi-purpose classrooms, a performance stage, a large room for cheer/dance, dressing rooms and much more. Outdoor plans in Phase I include a generous parking area, open practice fields, amphitheater, outdoor picnic area, and convenient access to the Chester Valley Trail, including bathrooms and adequate parking.

What are the plans for sustainability?

Prior to undertaking this campaign, GVCO sought out the advice of business and investment experts who spent many hours reviewing, advising and preparing detailed revenue analyses on GVCO’s business model. These plans were based on current business realities and very conservative financial projections. By expanding to meet the community needs physically, GVCO will be able to capture additional revenue and charitable giving by enhancing its programs and base of support to fund this project.  Going forward, GVCO will actively seek out and investigate local and national grants, foundational support and gifts in kind to strengthen future sustainability.

How can our school district afford this?

GVCO is not part of the Great Valley School District. GVCO, as a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that serves and provides programming for the Great Valley area. GVCO and GVSD are not connected financially.

How much of my contribution to the Great Valley Foundation goes to funding this new center?

None. GVCO is not affiliated with the Great Valley Foundation. GVCO and the Great Valley Foundation are separate non-profit organizations.

Will I have to pay to be a member?

GVCO does not intend to charge membership fees.

Who is allowed to join? And what will the new center have?

GVCO provides programming to benefit the community. With the new community center, GVCO will be able to offer a greater array of programming for the entire Great Valley area to use. The increased programming will include health and wellness, arts, programs for older adults and education and awareness programming, as well as additional offerings in youth and adult sports.

When is the projected completion date?

If our fundraising efforts stay on track, we anticipate the doors to open in 2020.